From West Africa to Your Living Room: Fiddle Leaf Fig Care and Propagation Tips!

From West Africa to Your Living Room: Fiddle Leaf Fig Care and Propagation Tips!

Fiddle leaf fig plants are a popular houseplant that can add a touch of elegance to any room. But these beauties can be finicky when it comes to care. So, let's dive into how to properly care for your fiddle leaf fig and keep it healthy and happy.
  1. Light

Fiddle leaf figs need bright, indirect light to thrive. Place your plant near a window that gets plenty of light, but avoid direct sunlight, which can burn the leaves.

  1. Watering

When it comes to watering, fiddle leaf figs prefer to dry out slightly between waterings. Water your plant thoroughly once a week or when the top inch of soil feels dry to the touch. Overwatering can lead to root rot, while under-watering can cause the leaves to droop.

  1. Humidity

Fiddle leaf figs prefer a humid environment, so consider placing a humidifier near your plant or misting the leaves with water to increase the humidity.

  1. Diagnostics

Here are some common diagnostics for when your fiddle leaf fig isn't in full health:

  • Brown spots on the leaves: This can be a sign of overwatering or too much direct sunlight. Adjust your watering schedule and move the plant away from direct sunlight.

  • Yellowing leaves: This can be a sign of under-watering or lack of humidity. Water your plant more frequently and increase the humidity.

  • Drooping leaves: This can be a sign of overwatering or under-watering. Check the soil moisture level and adjust your watering schedule accordingly.

  1. Propagation

If you want to propagate your fiddle leaf fig, it's best to do so in the spring or summer. Cut a stem that has at least two leaves and a node (a small bump where the leaves meet the stem). Dip the end in rooting hormone and plant it in a container with moist potting soil. Keep the soil moist and place the container in bright, indirect light. After a few weeks, your new fiddle leaf fig should start to grow!

  1. Nature and Heritage

Fiddle leaf figs are native to the tropical rainforests of West Africa. In their natural habitat, they can grow up to 50 feet tall! These plants are part of the ficus family, which includes over 800 species of trees, shrubs, and vines.

With these tips, you'll be able to care for your fiddle leaf fig like a pro. Remember to keep an eye out for common diagnostics, adjust your care accordingly, and give your plant some love and attention. And who knows, with the right care, your fiddle leaf fig might just grow to be a towering rainforest giant in your living room! (PS, if you grow your fiddle leaf figs outdoors- send us a pic to!! We want to see!)

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