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Every Plant Deserves a Little Perk

Elevate your plant game with a touch of cheeky, terracotta charm.

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the ponder pot

Big enough for your grandest plant plans! Or, shop the mini version perfect for succulents or cacti, and your newest plant babies.

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the process; an overview

  • Starts with a Sketch...

    This is where our "one-of-a-kind" planters start. @gabriela_orofino is the artist behind the mushroom design!

  • The Etched Mold is Made

    Next up is an etched mold. This gets pressed into each and every terracotta planter by hand and with care!

  • Cured, and Hand- Painted

    After a 14-day curing period, each planter gets hand painted and inspected by myself, the owner.

  • Small Batch Production

    All our planters are made in small batches, and ships straight from our studio in Colorado to your doorstep.

  • Expertly Packed

    Each order, whether retail or wholesale, is packed with extreme care. Plus, you can always expect some cute stickers thrown in too!

  • One-Woman Show

    Hi, it's me! My name is Brit, and my touch is behind every product. This is my full time job, along with taking care of my houseplants and doggos ;) Thanks for being here, and don't hesitate to reach out for anything.

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