Collection: Bruised, but not broken

Welcome to my "Bruised, but not Broken" collection! I'm sure glad you found your way here. In pursuit of perfection, we stumbled upon pots that did not pass the retail purchases. This may include but is not limited to: 1-3 smudges of color up to 2", bumpy raises in the texture smaller than a dime, and/or or a barely noticeable scratch. To be sure, your pot is 100% intact and carries complete function and is not broken or cracked. 

Not only do they have a character of their own, but you can nab these lovable pots at a deep discount!! While they might not be flawless, we assure you they're crafted with the same care and attention, promising a unique companion for your beloved plants. So go ahead, choose a favorite – because sometimes, it's the little flaws that make life all the more beautiful.

 Examples of "Bruised, but not broken" photographs and videos are to paint a general idea. Yours will look similar, but not exactly those pictured.